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“One Hundred Years From Now It Will Not Matter
What Your Bank Account Was, The Sort Of House You Lived In,
or the Kind of Car You Drove
…but The World May Be Different Because
YOU Were Important In The Life Of A Child.”


Thank you for visiting the Adult’s Corner! Children truly do ”live what they learn,” and if you are a positive role model in their lives, you are contributing to the improvement of our future on this planet.

It truly does take the whole village to raise a child. Thank you for your positive efforts!

Dear Caring Parents, Guardians and Adults:

Welcome to TeenWisdom™!

Thank you for the privilege of getting to know both you and the teens you want to support during these often turbulent yet very important years called adolescence. I applaud you. I honor and respect you. I know you have a very hard job, and I am here to help empower you as well. When I think about the teen years, I ask myself, (and the thousands of parents I speak to each year,) ”How many of us would really want to go back into our teen years again?” Most of us wouldn’t. And now, the pressures today’s teens are going through are far more intense and all consuming than they have been in past generations.

Daily I see first hand in my private practices, how fast life is moving, and how deeply teens are affected by media messages, anorexic pop idols, intense school pressure, girl drama, competition for college placement…and the list goes on and on.

I also understand the unique challenges you face with raising a teen in the new millennium. I know what keeps you up at night. I know you worry. I know you care. And I know you need resources and quick solutions to life’s drama to help you know you’re doing ok, your teen will be ok, and that you are ”on track.” That’s why I created this site, and this page for you. Here you will find resources you need, products to improve your communication, information to keep your teens safe, and most importantly, a human being who you can turn to and talk with about your concerns.

THE BOTTOM LINE: YOU ARE NOT ALONE (even though you feel like it when he/she gives you the perpetual ”eye roll” and tells you how ”annoying” you are) Please refer to this site as often as needed, email or call, but do reach out.

Here is my intention for you on the Adult Corner/Parents Page:

1. Discover more about me and background working with young people
2. Discover valuable resources and tools for you
3. Learn about the various TeenWisdom programs available (see get informed section)

Who is Tami Walsh, M.A.?