Audio Battles Bridges

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Communication: Turning Mother-Daughter Battles Into Bridges™

By Tami Walsh, M.A.

You can enjoy your relationship with your teenage daughter on a daily basis once you listen, and then listen again to this powerful CD!

What parents are saying…

“Tami really knows how teens ‘tick.’ The bridge building strategies shee talks about I put to use right away with my 16-year-old teenage daughter and 15-year-old son. Instantly there was less tension in my home…and we all needed that! Thanks, Tami.”

— Paula Gregory, Santa Monica, CA

In this audio program you will learn:

The nature of the struggle in all mother-daughter communication
How to talk to your daughter so she will REALLY hear you (No Screaming Necessary!)
The 5 most common roles mom’s take on in their daughter’s lives
How to communicate with mutual respect and appreciation – DAILY!!
How to laugh and connect more, and fight and debate less!
The 2 Bridges of Communication guaranteed to enhance closeness
Powerful “bridge building” techniques to increase listening and decrease yelling
The #1 way to diffuse any argument INSTANTLY!
And much more.