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The field of life coaching has exploded in the last several years reaching record numbers. Few life coaches, however, focus on our nation’s most important and powerful demographic: Teen girls and Young Women of Generations Y & Z!

Join our Mission and Vision to Empower 2 million teen girls worldwide!
Learn how YOU can help make an impact.


Why Teen Girls and Young Women of Generations Y & Z?

According to a study referenced on WebMD, "Teenage girls encounter more stressors in life, especially in their interpersonal relationships than boys - and they react more strongly to those pressures, accounting in part for their higher levels of depression."

  • 90% of 15-17 year old girls want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance
  • Girls report their #1 source of stress or joy is their relationship with friends
  • 83% of girls report being bullied either in school or online
  • One in four teen girls ages 10–19 receive a mental health diagnosis and anxiety disorders affecting 30% percent of teen girls
  • 70% of Girls with Coaches are happy with their bodies compared to 48% of girls nationally
  • 27% of youth are less likely to begin using alcohol when they have (or have had) a life coach
  • 52% of youth are less likely to skip school as a result of working with a life coach
  • Girls who have a life coach report a 52% improvement in self-confidence as well as increased  overall well-being

Join our Mission and Vision to Empower 2 million teen girls worldwide!
Learn how YOU can help make an impact.


Is The Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program Right for You?

The Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program is the Fastest Path to
Having a Career Empowering Girls!

Traditional Education / Career Path:

  • Education / Schooling

    Many degrees or trade school programs require a 2-4+ year time commitment
  • Cost of Education

    Additional education or degrees can range from $10-$50K
  • Loss of Income

    Many people experience a loss of or reduction of income during schooling
  • Financial Risk

    The launch of a new career and the learning curve involved can be frustrating and overwhelming yielding little to no results.

Teen Wisdom Inc. Fast Path:

  • Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program

    Complete a 15 week, virtual program led by Teen Wisdom Inc. Founder, Tami Walsh M.A. , and receive International Coaches Federation (ICF) continuing credit education units (CCEU’s).
  • Affordable Education

    TW Inc.’s Virtual certification program is a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching certification & degree programs currently available
  • Maintain Income

    Virtual & Part-time Program; Participants are able to complete while maintaining their current job
  • Limited Financial Risk

    Time-tested & proven results to help you build your clientele right away

Join our Mission and Vision to Empower 2 million teen girls worldwide!
Learn how YOU can help make an impact.


Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program 

The Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program provides participants with a complete system and support community to help you experience success right away!

Program participants are provided:

  • Proven Process

    Life coaching certification program focused SOLELY on training YOU to effectively coach teen girls with curriculum proven by having already successfully helped hundreds of thousands of girls worldwide.

  • Personalized Program

    Program designed to help you personalize your own mission/passion for becoming a teen life coach, while using our system and structure to be successful.

  • Teen Wisdom Inc. Manual & Coaches Toolkit

    Downloadable step-by-step manual with all forms, processes, checklists to run your own practice successfully along with over 40 unique tools to use with girls 1:1 or in groups and critical coaching skills and techniques to effectively work with girls.

  • Post-Certification Support

    Continuity and support AFTER you complete the program to ensure your continued momentum and success!!

  • Teen Wisdom Global Community

    Granted access to our AMAZING community and network of Teen Wisdom Inc. Certified Coaches Worldwide!

  • Customized Marketing Plan

    Customized marketing plan with specific strategies tailored to your personal marketing preferences to get clients immediately following your training.

What Alumni have to say:

"Sometimes you are given an unexpected gift that will not only touch your life, but that of others.  Teen Wisdom Inc. is such a gift.  Guided by Tami Walsh and her unparalleled knowledge of coaching teenage girls, Teen Wisdom is designed to impact and empower the lives of young girls by becoming a life coach. Tami offers wisdom, guidance, and honesty with her amazing passion and incredible experience from her 17 years of coaching teen girls.  This program brings insight and further clarity into the real challenges girls face today and provides tools to assist you in becoming their biggest advocate and supporter. Teen Wisdom helps you find your "Why" helping teen girls is so important and so incredibly needed in today's world.

Quite simply, Teen Wisdom Inc. is the best coaching program in the country!"

Stefanie Bedingfield La Jolla, CA

“When I enrolled in the Teen Wisdom training, I knew that I made the right decision. I had an ambition to make a difference, like her, to positively impact the lives of teenage girls all over. Not only is Tami extraordinary as a Teen Life Coach, but she is also an amazing woman, with a heart that “glistens” through her eyes. She is truly authentic & brilliant and shares with you stories that every woman & every teenage girl understands. As one of my favorite quotes states, ‘Life should not be counted by the number of breaths we take, but rather, by the moments that take our breath away.’

You’ll love Tami & what she has to share. She’ll take your breath away….in a beautiful way.”

Sandra DiBona
Sandra DiBona Teen Wisdom Certified Life Coach

Join our mission and vision to empower 2 million teen girls worldwide by participating in the Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program!

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Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Programs run
ONLY twice per year.

Join our Mission and Vision to Empower 2 million teen girls worldwide!
Learn how YOU can help make an impact.


The Teen Wisdom Inc. Virtual Certification Program is accredited by the International Coach Federation for Continuing Credit Education Units (CCEU's)

Tami Walsh, M.A. is President of the San Diego based teen and parent empowerment company, Teen Wisdom Inc. Tami has been coaching teen girls since 1999 and is the first life coach for teen girls in the U.S.A. Tami is committed to impacting 2 million teen girls and young women by training 1,000 women leaders worldwide to use the Teen Wisdom™ Life Coaching Program. Tami has appeared on several local and national radio and television shows including TLC’s 10 Years Younger and NBC’s “The Other Half.”  Tami has been a featured expert on the Mary-Kate and Ashley website, and has personally impacted over 10,0000 teens nationwide. Tami is the author of the top selling “Did-Wells Journal” for teen girls and the popular parenting program, “Communication: Turning Battles Into Bridges With Your Teen.” Tami is a graduate of UCLA and received her Master’s Degree from Loyola Marymount University.

By participating in the Teen Wisdom Teen Life Coach Certification Program, you accept and agree that you are fully responsible for your progress and results. You are responsible for implementing the tools and strategies provided throughout the Certification Program and we offer no representations, warranties or guarantees verbally or in writing that you will get results or earn money as these will vary from person to person. We offer no professional legal, medical, psychological or financial advice.