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“Did Wells” Journals: The #1 Way To Build Self Esteem!

A simple, yet powerful process of self-acknowledgement (meaning giving yourself a “high five!”) in order to increase and maintain high self-esteem.

What others are saying…

“At the end of each week when I look over my “Did Wells Journal,” I feel more accomplished in my life. It gives me the chance to see all the things I’m dedicated to and work hard towards. “The Did Wells Journal” gives me a boost of self-confidence, especially when I put myself down. When I look at my “Did Wells Journal,” I don’t think of myself as fearful or unsociable anymore because the journal shows me that I really am social, brave and determined in my life. “The Did Wells Journal” is my secret to feeling good about myself.”

— Becky, Age 16, Los Angeles, CA


“My “Did-Wells Journal” is like having Tami in diary form! It makes me stop and think every day, even for just a couple of minutes, about the happy things in and about my life. Then those minutes became a majorly positive influence on each day. “The Did Wells Journal” is a wonderful, wonderful thing that has changed the way I look at my life.”

–Annie Gieseker, Age 17, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been doing did-wells for more than a year now. When i first started, i was excited about it, but i never imagined what a huge difference they would make in my life. It’s almost effortless to sit down and record 2 things i “did well” each day, and after a few weeks I could flip back and see all the things i’d accomplished, and i was amazed by how many things i had done. My top 5 qualities were pretty much the same every week, so i built up a base of adjectives that i knew described me, and i am proud of them. When i was at an interview to get into a new school, the woman interviewing me asked me, “If you could pick any 3 adjectives to describe yourself, what would they be?” I thought back to all those weeks of did-wells i had done, and those same adjectives that had appeared week after week, and i answered her easily and with confidence. Because of did-wells, i have a stronger sense of who i am as a person, what my strengths are, and i am reminded daily that i am capable of doing some pretty amazing things. And on those days where i just feel kind of bummed, i flip through my did wells and look at how great i really am; the did-wells always make me feel better. Committing to doing my did-wells was one of the best things i ever did. It’s so worth while. Just to look at that little book and know that i committed to it and followed through with it makes me feel accomplished. It’s a pretty amazing thing, and it’s so easy to do.”

— Cara Coren, Age 15, Los Angeles, CA