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Parent/Adult Ed. Meetings
Teen/Student Conferences
Customized Programs for Youth Oriented Organizations 

*all programs available in Spanish!

Popular Presentations For Middle and High School Girls:

”Snap Out of It!” No More Drama!: The 5 Most Common Traps Teen Girls Fall Into and How To Get Out Fast!

A 90 minute multi-media presentation that helps girls realize the most common self-defeating ways they think and act that lead to feelings of negativity and self-doubt:

  • Fast paced, relevant and fun!! (Girls, you will laugh, A LOT!!)
  • Highly interactive/audience participation
  • Explores the most common self esteem busters affecting girls, including negative comparison, body image issues, and ”girl drama.”
  • Identifies 3 Secrets and 2 IMMEDIATE ACTIONS girls can take to feel good about themselves and their lives, no matter what’s going on!

“Your talk was inspirational and nothing short of amazing! I know my friends felt the same way! You made such a difference for me after only a couple of hours…”
~Kristin, Age 15

”I Don’t Need Him… To Like Me!”
Stop Giving Away Your Power!

In this 75 minute powerful presentation, Tami:

  • Opens up a candid dialogue with girls about the desire and pressure they feel to have a boyfriend
  • Gives real life scenarios from her own life and the lives of the girls she works with about how to deal with rejection, loneliness, and break-ups
  • Shares the Top 5 Reasons and Ways girls give away their emotional and sexual power to guys
  • Reveals the 3 keys to having a healthy, and fun relationship with a guy
  • Exposes the Top 10 Boyfriend Beliefs: Popular Myths Every Girl Believes About Having A Boyfriend!
  • Gives the #1 Secret to feeling good about yourself EVEN without a boyfriend!

I cannot believe how much I learned about myself during this conversation with Tami. My moods ALWAYS depended on whether a guy liked me or not. Now I know I can be totally happy, with or without a guy in my life! Thank You soooo much!
~Lauren, Age 16

Stressbusters: Put An “X” on Stress!

Based on personal research done on over 500 teen girls, it is obvious that girls today are busier, pressured, and more stressed out than ever before. From self-imposed expectations, societal & family pressure, and challenging academics, girls need stress reducing strategies to live their lives in a more balanced way! This series of 60 minute, highly interactive, experiential presentations, identifies:

  • Physical Stress vs. Mental Stress: The difficulties and the dangers
  • Stress provoking situations and common reactions girls have
  • Stressbusters: 25 Positive Ways to Reduce Stress
  • Thought stopping tools that decrease mental stress and pressure
  • Cool, popular, relaxation techniques girls will use!

Until today I thought I was just a stressed out freak! Now I know my reactions are pretty normal, and I can do things to help myself chill out more. This seminar was awesome.
~Tracy, Age 14

Presentations for Parents

Communication: “Turning Battles Into Bridges”

In this empowering workshop, parents will learn powerful, proven techniques for opening up communication, deepening your relationship, and even reducing battles on the home front, so you feel more joyous and connected to your teenager! Parents will be taught:

  • Proven listening skills so your teen will talk to you rather than avoid you
  • Effective dialoging tools so your teen will listen to you rather than shut you off
  • Successful negotiating strategies for resolving arguments and setting limits
  • The 8 most common communication chasms and how to avoid falling into them
  • The 2 jobs parents must do regularly to ensure a close relationship and reduced teen risk taking behavior

Tami put this simply for me: It is possible to communicate peacefully with my teenager because I now really know how to listen without an agenda of my own. Thank you, Tami!
~Cara B. Santa Monica, CA

Life: What It’s All About: Lessons From Teens Every Adult Needs To Know!

What if everything you ever wanted to learn about life and living you could learn from a teen? Sound unlikely? In this 90 minute hilarious presentation, you will learn the 7 secrets about life teens know that adults have forgotten! Based on 10 years experience working with youth, Tami has discovered that teens know that life is about a few key things. They stick to these even when their best friend lets them down, they receive a failing grade followed by summer school, or they are going through a bad case of heartache. If teens can be resilient and still have fun, so can we! Come discover secrets to:

  • Having more fun and laughter on a daily basis
  • Relaxing and enjoying life to the fullest
  • Taking risks, going for it, and dreaming big!
  • Living in the now
  • Experiencing deeper love and connection
  • Being true to yourself
  • Living an authentic life, and being on a path that fulfills you completely

Bonus: You’ll laugh a lot, AND you will finally have the answer to the question: “Life, What’s It All About?”

Just For Moms: “She Said, She Said”
Communication Secrets Every Mom Needs To Know!

Based on the popular, “Communication: Turning Battles Into Bridges” program, “She Said, She Said,” is a 90 minute heartfelt, educational, and, interactive presentation addressing the complexity and wonder of the mother/teen daughter relationship. With a focus on communication and improving connection, Mom’s leave inspired to forge an even closer bond with their daughters’ and armed with dialoging tools girls will respond to. Mom’s will learn the most common traps they fall into when “wanting the best for their daughters.” They are easy traps to fall into, and this workshop is what springs you out. Highlighting the main difference between re-acting and responding, this workshop teaches you, in a no-nonense fashion:

  • What is really going on in the psyche’s of teen girls
  • How to use communication as a way to connect rather than just exchange information
  • What YOU MUST KNOW to ensure HIGH SELF ESTEEM in your daughter
  • What girls still need from you and how you can give it to them effortlessly!

Guaranteed to make you feel like you are on the right track to ensure your daughter’s success, self- confidence and a long lasting relationship with you!



The “8 Secrets Every Girl Needs to Know!”
An 8 week program for girls focusing on: How to successfully transition from adolescence to womanhood with confidence and optimism. Bilingual Spanish program available.

Mother’s and Daughter’s: The Real Deal
A 3 session workshop exploring why the Mother/Daughter relationship is so complex and powerful. Why is it so tense during the teen years especially? What issues are mother’s and daughter’s really going through today? What conversations are they having, or should they be having? The Mother/Daughter Coaching process/workshop is a series of candid discussions, and interactive processes, guaranteed to inspire laughter and joyful tears. Mom’s and daughter’s have a golden opportunity to connect with each other in a way that promotes open and honest communication, increased intimacy and happy times together.

Topics include:

  • Leaving home
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Real Communication
  • Feeling in the loop in your daughter’s life
  • Limit Setting and Backlash

The True Wisdom Life Coaching Program-Avail. in Spanish***
12 weeks to enhancing self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, and relationships with a focus on:

  1. Empowering Decision Making
  2. Teenage Pregnancy Prevention and Education
  3. Positive Self-Expression and Self-Acceptance
  4. Identity formation and Independence
  5. Life direction and purpose
  6. Risk taking behaviors

“Leadership for The New Millennium!”
This interactive, fun, and hands-on program identifies 5 keys of effective leadership, enabling participants to lead themselves and others in a direction they can be feel good about. Ask about our annual popular program at Marlborough School, Los Angeles!

Oneness4Girls™: Promoting Unity
An experiential group process emphasizing the similarities between girls and reducing negative competition, comparison and judgment. Ideal for middle school girls.

Educator Trainings:
New tools and anecdotes about maximizing your relationship with your students, and empowering them to be their best selves, based on the 8 Secrets Every Girl Needs to Know.

Keynote and Guest Speaker

Media appearances and special events/benefits promoting the Teen Wisdom™ core message:
“…Because knowing and honoring yourself is true wisdom.”