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About Teen Wisdom Inc.

Teen Wisdom Inc. is the first life-coaching company in the United States created solely for the empowerment of teen girls and young women because of a promise Founder, Tami Walsh, M.A. made to herself when she was a teenage girl. After a horribly mean act done to her by other teen girls, the endless tears she cried in high school, and the constant desire to look pretty and feel accepted by her peers, she decided that one day she’d commit her life to making it better for other teen girls and young women. This is what means most to her now. (Read more about Teen Wisdom Inc. Founder Tami Walsh, (“Meet Tami“)  and learn how SHE CAN BECOME YOUR COACH!)

What’s Unique About Teen Wisdom Inc.

First, we believe girls today are living in dangerous times where society, schools, and even their own families are unknowingly asking girls to live up to an unreachable set of paradoxical standards of beauty, intelligence, athleticism, achievement etc. Girls are left feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, and confused about who they are and what THEY really want.  Further, they are overwhelmed, overtired, and overscheduled as they struggle to navigate their own thoughts, feelings, needs, and accomplishments.

Second, we know that schools today are consumed with teaching the core curriculum they are required to teach, that they lack the necessary time and talent to impart the critical “life-skills” girls also need, including: emotional intelligence, stress management, resiliency, empathy,  decision-making, visioning, giving-back, navigating intra and interpersonal relationships, and identifying their authentic strengths and desires. And the list goes on and on!

Lastly, we also believe parents today are doing the best they can to raise happy, confident daughters, but they are WORRIED about the dangers, pressures, and uncertain futures their daughters will face after high school, college and beyond.

The Mission of Teen Wisdom Inc.

“To empower and inspire two million teen girls worldwide by 2020 with the message: Because knowing and honoring yourself is true wisdom.” Through our worldwide community of Teen Wisdom Inc. Certified Coaches, cutting-edge life coaching curriculum,  and life-changing products and programs, girls will overcome their challenges, realize their goals and dreams with passion, contribute to society with hope, and grow into the confident, happy and fulfilled young women they are meant to become.”

Issues We Coach Girls About:
  • Identity: Who Am I?
  • Navigating Sex, Dating and Relationships
  • “Real-Time” Decision-Making
  • Friendship Challenges (growing apart, betrayal, conflicts, competition etc.)
  • Body Image & Self-acceptance
  • School Stress and Academic Pressure
  • Family Relationship Challenges
  • Direction and Future
  • Pressure–Self-Imposed and Peer Pressure
  • Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Personal Leadership and Self-Responsibility
  • And Sooo Much More!!
Our Approach:

Teen Wisdom Inc. Coaches, help girls deal with the “ups and downs” of adolescent life in a proactive way and we help parents better understand “girl-world.” We help you identify what’s in the way of feeling and doing your personal best. Sometimes it’s something within yourself (shyness, procrastination, disorganization, low grades, etc.) and other times it’s a particular circumstance (stress about a relationship, confusion about your future, trouble with a teacher, sibling, etc.) Next we help you design a specific plan to improve your situation with the many life coaching tools in the Teen Wisdom Inc. Toolkit that “fit” your unique situation. Finally, we help you to use these new tools and “life-skills” in your everyday life to help you achieve your goals. And along the way, you have your very own personal “cheerleader” to listen to you and help guide YOU on your journey. Pretty Cool, Right?

Let’s face it, cliques, drugs, pressure to get a 4.0, wanting to be accepted, annoying girls, guys and their head games, demanding teachers, etc. are NEVER going away. They are an unavoidable part of the growing up years. But there are tools and strategies that we have discovered (and shared with hundreds of girls) that you can use to enjoy these times, and feel hopeful about your future!

And since you only have one life…. you deserve to make sure it is THE BEST IT CAN BE!!
Oh, and did I happen to mention having your very own life coach is FUN??? 🙂